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I followed your umeshu recipe in June of last year. It's really tasty now.


Great photos as always, Amy!


thank you so much for the photos and ume news. we are seriously addicted to umeboshi in our house in connecticut and eat them whenever we can. we always laugh that they are called plums when they aren't. love your blog.

Mari L'Esperance

Amy, perhaps next spring you could write a post about "roubai," that lesser known member of the ume family (or at least I believe it's a member). I know that the flower has special significance to the Japanese, as it blooms very early in the year. Thanks, as always, for your gorgeous and informative blog. A slice of Japan enjoyed from anywhere in the world!


Glad your umeshu turned out, Brian. Mine was still a bit cloying on the last tasting so I'm hoping some tart and bitter notes have leached out of the ume since then.

Thanks David!

Hi Gretchen, it's good to know you can find umeboshi in Conneticut!

Mari, I actually took some roubai pictures on the same day as these ume pictures, I just haven't gotten around to posting them yet. I'm not sure if I'll do an entire post about them, as I've already done that: http://blue_moon.typepad.com/blue_lotus/2006/02/post.html


It's really great to have a feel of the change of seasons in your vignettes. How beautifully and seamlessly you have interwoven food as the best expression of culture with the nature around us. I remember reading about Ume blossoms last year.

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